012-1_0997 MSTC 2014.JPGJump the Stars Equestrian is a freelance training, sales, coaching, and course design business owned and managed by William Robertson.

William grew up riding in Brentwood, CA under the training of his mother, Kathie Robertson, out of Creekside Farm.  Along with training with his mother, William rode with several USET riders such as Denny Emerson, Don Sachey, and Jimmy Wofford.  In 2002, William relocated to Waco, KY to continue his riding education on the east coast; continuing to ride and train with several top riders and clinicians including Ralph Hill, Susan Harris, Ashley Adams, and Eric Dierks.  After graduating high school, William moved to Danville, VA to attend Averett University to major in Equestrian Studies with an emphasis in Eventing and Dressage Instruction.

10660308_10204650802368369_106724462572200179_nIn the summer of 2011, William held a working student position at Sandy River Equestrian Center under the tutelage of Samantha Henley and Suzanne Lacy, becoming a better horseman learning the Parelli system to gain the trust of the horse from first backing all the way through their training.  William also had the opportunity to teach and participate in a USEA ICP Level I/II Instructor Certification Program dressage and jumping workshops under the guidance of Phyllis Dawson and Jerry Shurink.  William then took a working student position through the winter of 2012/13 with Holly Hudspeth.  While there, an opportunity to ride for Courtney Blackwell came about, and a wealth of hunter/jumper experience gave William a new level of riding and competition experience to move forward with for the future.

jogIn the spring of 2013, William took on the position as Rider and assistant Trainer at Champagne Run Farm.  In the two years of this position, William gained many opportunities with riding all types of horses ranging from young off the track thoroughbreds beginning their retraining to experienced Fourth level dressage school masters to seasoned fox hunters.  William also took on the opportunity to course design all hunter and jumper schooling shows, unrecognized mini trials, and recognized horse trials organized by the farm.  In addition to course designing, William organized all mini trials, schooling dressage, and jumper shows that took place on the farm throughout the year.

In 2015, William took the opportunity to train with Mogie Bearden-Muller at her winter base in Aiken, SC and move to Centreville, MD during the summer to further riding, teaching, competition, and course design education.  William has now relocated back to the Bluegrass state in the heart of horse country in Paris, KY where he is now building his string of competition horses and extending his knowledge to students around the area.


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